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Best Etsy Sales Tool: EtsyMarketingTool vs. EtsyOnSale

Diving into the Etsy sellers market is an accomplishment in itself. But, as you know, committing to selling your products on Etsy also means committing to some seriously time consuming processes. Even if only selling a few products, an Etsy seller commits to setting up a shop, maintaining multiple listings, executing holiday themed or other sales, shipping products, and maintaining great customer relationships. On top of it all, you're trying to keep up with social media promotion, creating banners for your shop, and relisting products that you sell on a frequent basis.

Luckily, there are many websites out there that can help you learn how to sell on Etsy. Such sites include video tutorials, the Etsy Seller Handbook, Etsy seller courses, and online software and tools to help increase your sales.

In this article, we will cover two of the leading Etsy tools out there that can help you free up your time for what you really want to be doing...creating! As you'll see, both offer similar features but only ONE is a complete marketing tool.

Overview: Introducing EtsyOnSale and EtsyMarketingTool

EtsyMarketingTool and EtsyOnSale both offer features to help you manage sales events, relist your items for sale, to name a few. These tools are designed to limit the amount of time that a seller is spending on unnecessary Etsy processes. But -- at first glance it may be hard to determine exactly how these two services differ. Find the full comparison below!

The Nitty Gritty: How do they differ?

1. Fee Setup

EtsyMarketingTool - Charges one flat subscription fee per month. This fee allows the user access to ALL the features of the website, with unlimited usage, with no extra charges.
EtsyOnSale - Uses a credit based program. Users buy credits to use certain features of the website, there is no unlimited access option.

2. Shop Banner Management

EtsyMarketingTool - Offers dozens of holiday and sale themed banners, all are ad-free (no 'Powered by EtsyMarketingTool'). If you're feeling creative, the software also allows users to upload your own custom banners.
EtsyOnSale - Has one banner available for users, which includes an advertisement for the EtsyOnSale website.

3. PDF Catalog Generator

EtsyMarketingTool - This free feature generates an entire catalog of your store's creations for pitching friends, family, and further business outside of your Etsy shop.
EtsyOnSale - No feature like this available.

4. Social Channel Promotion

EtsyMarketingTool - This feature helps a seller post on multiple social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) about your listings and sales. A major key in increasing traffic to your shop and driving sales!
EtsyOnSale - No feature like this available.

5. Repricing Tool

EtsyMarketingTool - The repricing tool can change prices on all or multiple selected items with one click. Great for when you're raising or lowering prices due to changes in market demand! Again, no need to manually update each listing. The repricing tool will also do a percentage increase or decrease for you or a basic dollar amount change (no math necessary!).
EtsyOnSale - No feature like this available.

6. Affiliate Program

EtsyMarketingTool - Make extra money (yay!) by referring friends or your community to try the EMT service. If you love it, spread the word.
EtsyOnSale - No feature like this available.

7. Text Messages Alerts

EtsyMarketingTool - Stay up to date and brighten your day by receiving text messages about shop sales that are happening in real-time! This also means that you can relist a popular item as soon as possible (the feature is available to North-America residents only).
EtsyOnSale - No feature like this available.

8. Unlimited FREE Trial Version

EtsyMarketingTool - The website allows you to try the FULL service to see if you like it (or don't). No payment information needed until your trial has expired, so there's no hassle of cancelling if you don't feel like the service will help your shop.
EtsyOnSale - The EOS website does not allow you full access to all of the features during the trial period.

Is there a clear winner?

We will let our comparison above speak for itself. It's clear that one platform offers a complete marketing solution... and the other? A little lack lustre. But hey, don't let us make up your mind. Check out our offer below and you can decide for yourself!

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