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Create PDF Catalog for Etsy Shops

How to generate sales outside of your Etsy shop

The virtual world of Etsy is great... but sometimes you wonder how you could branch out to promote in the real world too.

Creating sales materials isn’t something that you feel comfortable with, but you’d love to have something that you could give to friends, family, and potential connections in the world of creators.

Occasionally, you host a booth at a local craft fair and only have a selection of your creations available on that day to sell. You feel like you’re missing out on sales without a way to show people what you’re capable of and to take orders for items that you didn’t bring or that are already sold out at your table.

With close friends that are members in the Etsy maker community, EtsyMarketingTool understands the importance of a solution to the above problems. We developed a feature that allows you to create your Etsy shop in a downloadable PDF format with just a few clicks.

Print your catalog or present it on any digital device that you’d like. Your Etsy shop catalog can make it SO much easier to market and sell your unique items both online and offline. You can also use this catalog to promote your full range of products on social media or your personal website to increase interest and strengthen your brand.

SELLER TIP: Find yourself at a craft fair with a sold out popular product? Simply present your potential customer with your PDF catalog and let them know that you can take a custom order today or via your Etsy shop anytime to make them that item. Pair your catalog with a simple business card that your customer can take... and you’re ready to make another real world sale that may have been lost revenue before!

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