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Etsy's search algorithm rewards sellers based on few parameters like past sale performance, items recency, shop size, product variety and your presence in various social channels. As a seller, you can and should work diligently to improve on all these fronts. Success will not come overnight, but working hard and working smart are two different ways to achieve the same goals.

Working smart means that you should automate as much work as you can, so you free yourself from activities that are time-consuming like posting your items on social media or actively renewing them from time to time.

Using our tool to automatically renew items will help you save time. When creating a renewal rule, aim to renew your top selling items at times when potential visitors are active online. Generally speaking, this means between 11am to 9pm.

Automating the renewal of sold-out items is another task that you can set with our tool. When an item sells, our system can post it again in your shop, making sure that it is always available to potential buyers. See your 'Set Items to Renew When Sold' page for more details.