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How to auto-renew on Etsy

Imagine you’ve just returned home from vacation to find a stack of newspapers sitting on your doorstep. Sifting through a couple weeks of newspapers will take some time, and you just don’t have the time to do it before tomorrow’s paper arrives.

Instead, you start with the most recent newspaper from yesterday to get caught up with what’s new around town. You read until you lose interest in the news and forget the rest of the older newspapers in the stack.

Think of this scenario as a metaphor for how Etsy’s search process works. The newest listings that customers are searching for are found at the top of the search feed. A customer might scroll through two or three pages before settling on an item that fits exactly what they’re looking for. Unfortunately, item listings that sit too long often become lost amidst the other similar items that have been posted more recently (just like the newspapers).

The strategic solution to this problem as an Etsy seller is to renew your older listings before they’ve expired. The small cost to renew a listing ($0.20 is charged by Etsy) is worth it to bump your listing back up to the top of the searches. But, sifting through dozens (or hundreds) of items in your shop to find the older listings can be exhausting. And renewing them at strategic times can also be hard depending on where you are at peak times that customers may be searching your product.

Long story short… a relisting tool can assist sellers with all of these problems. With a tool such as this, you can create an unlimited number of renewal rules for your Etsy shop.

Preschedule these renewals to happen when you’re sleeping, grocery shopping, or eating dinner. You can select renewals on things like your oldest listings without you having to sort through and find which listing is the oldest. It’s time to amp up your listings strategy without amping up the time that you’re spending maintaining your shop as is!

Seller Tip: Set some of your renewals to happen while you’re sleeping to reach customers in other geographical regions. You can strategically target audiences that might have missed your product because you only post during a certain time of the day and potential customers across the globe are searching 10-12 hours later for the same product.

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