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Create a Sale on Etsy

Putting your shop on sale during holidays and special days of the year, can help in winning more sales and increasing your bottom line.
Our Sale Manager feature is a robust and easy-to-use tool, that is offered with no extra cost!

Here you can learn how to set up and manage your sales events, what options are available for you and how discounted items look like.

Few things to know about our Etsy-on-Sale tool:

  • Running a sale event does not increase your Etsy bill.
  • Sales events can be scheduled in advance to any future date and can run for up to 30 days.
  • You can choose what shop sections to include in the sale.
  • You can choose what items to exclude from the sale.
  • You can choose what call-to-action banner to add to your main image. There are few options to choose from. This will serve as an added incentive to make a purchase. Example:
  • You can choose where the banner will be positioned on the image.
  • You can stop a sale event once it is active. Our system will then start reverting back the prices and titles of the discounted items. The banner we added will be removed and the original image loaded.
  • Stopped events can be restarted.
  • While a sale event is active, you can extend its end date.
  • When setting up a sale event, you can request to receive an email alert when a sale has started or ended.
  • When setting up a sale event, you can request to receive text messages to notify you when a sale has started or ended.

Setting Up and Scheduling

  • Step 1: Click the 'Create & Manage Sale Events' to View the Setup.

    view my etsy sales events
  • Step 2: Choose the shop sections to include, dates, discount and call-to-action banner and its position on the image.

    setup your etsy sale event
  • Step 3: Click the 'Schedule Sale Event' or the 'Start Now' button.

Manage My Sales

  • Choose the 'Create & Manage Sales Events' tab to view your pending and active sales. Here you can edit or delete sales events that did not start yet and extend or stop active sales.

    schedule your renew

Your Discounted Items

  • The price of items that participate in a sale event is reduced based on the discount you have set. If you have decided to add a call-to-action banner, it will be added at the position you chose, and will also help distinguish your items from other search results.

    You can choose where the banner will be positioned on the image: above image, on-top, middle, 3/4 down or bottom.

    etsy on sale

    The item detail page would look like this:

    etsy on sale