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Etsy Seller Tools - All in One


Social Media Marketing

Automate posting
on Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter.

Video Marketing!

Turn Photos to Videos
and Upload to Social channels.

Automatic Items Renewal

Increase your exposure & sales.
Renew your items automatically.


Sale Events Manager

Drive more sales by creating sale events.
Automatically renew sold items.

Our etsy on sale feature

Photos Backup

Backup/Restore photos
for all your active listings!

Holiday Banners

Hassle-free banner placements
for your items.


Tag Tool

Add or remove tags in bulk.
Improve SEO.

Repricing Tool

Raise or lower prices
in bulk.

Upload Your Banners

Add banners of your own
to sale events.


PDF Catalog Generator

Automatically create your
Etsy shop catalog.

Boost Exposure with You-Nik.com

Promote your designs outside of Etsy and drive more visitors.

Facebook Dynamic Ads

Create feeds for FB ads.
Improve products exposure!


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"EtsyMarketingTool is definitely the easiest and most versatile tool out there. I've been looking for something this good since 2010! Makes my life SO much easier."

- MimsyBorogroveDesign
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"You have by far, THE BEST auto renew program out there. Thank You, Robyn."

- GeorgieDesigns
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"Here, you can set up multiple schedules and it seems efficient and effective. I have survived the season hassle free, which was worth every cent and more!"

- FullSpectrumApparel
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Asleep or awake, our services work around the clock to ensure all renewal rules are honoured, all social-media auto-postings are done, all sold-out items are relisted, all facebook catalog feeds are created and all photo backups run daily. Powered by Etsy API, sellers do NOT need to provide their Etsy credentials.

Powered by Etsy Api

EtsyMarketingTool is your Etsy Marketing Automation Service. Here you can add banners to your images, schedule sale events, automatically renew your items, set your inventory levels and more.

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