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Etsy Seller Tools - All in One


Social Media Marketing

Automate posting
on Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter.

Video Marketing!

Turn Photos to Videos
and Upload to Social channels.

Automatic Items Renewal

Increase your exposure & sales.
Renew your items automatically.


Sale Events Manager

Drive more sales by creating sale events.
Automatically renew sold items.

Our etsy on sale feature

Photos Backup

Backup/Restore photos
for all your active listings!

Holiday Banners

Hassle-free banner placements
for your items.


Tag Tool

Add or remove tags in bulk.
Improve SEO.

Repricing Tool

Raise or lower prices
in bulk.

Upload Your Banners

Add banners of your own
to sale events.


Catalog Generator

Automatically create your
Etsy shop catalog.

Boost Exposure with You-Nik.com

Promote your designs outside of Etsy and drive more visitors.

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Want a new feature?
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promote your etsy items on pinterest, facebook, twitter

Automate Your Posting on Social Channels!

Spread the word! Use your social channels and show your fans what you have been creating.

In today's world, social media is a king. Don't pass on the opportunity to show your items with our easy-to-use social promotion tool.

  • Increase your brand awareness and items exposure by posting on Pinterest Facebook and Twitter
  • Set automatic pinning and your Pinterest boards
  • Set automatic tweeting on your Twitter
  • Schedule FB posting in advance
  • Post a collage of 4 items of your choice
  • A link to your item is automatically added
  • Set email reminders
video marketing

Video Marketing

Turn your item photos into videos and upload them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or anywhere else. unlimited number of video rendering for your Etsy shop

Use our easy-to-use tool to improve your items attractiveness with sound and motion.

  • Video marketing can help strengthen your brand message
  • ~64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it
  • Videos have a huge role in affecting people's opinions and purchasing decisions
  • A third of all the time people spend online is dedicated to watching videos
  • People interact with videos more than with textual content
  • Video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019
etsy auto renew

Automate Items Renewal

Items renewal means better visibility! EtsyMarketingTool allows you to set unlimited number of renewal rules for your Etsy shop*

Schedule your five most popular items to renew each day, renew sold items while you sleep - reach customers on different geographical areas so you won't miss a sale! Automatically renew oldest items in your shop every day or hour, and much more…

  • Renew Sold
  • Oldest
  • Random
  • Specific
  • Expired

*ATTN: $0.20 is charged by Etsy for each item renewal.

etsy on sale

Automate Sale Events With Banners!

Attract customers! Put multiple shop sections or your entire shop on sale; Our Etsy on Sale feature allows you to easily schedule a sale by setting the sale dates, desired discount (percentage or dollar amount), call-to-action banner and more... Take advantage of weekends, holidays and special occasions to increase your sales, or just create daily deals. Read more...

  • Create an Etsy Sale
  • Multiple Shop Sections
  • Entire Shop or Individual Items
  • Call-to-Action Banners
  • Future Sale Events
  • Discount Amount
  • Percentage
  • Fully Automated
etsy sale banners

Add Eye-Catching Banners on Special Dates

Stand out from the crowd! Use Our Pre-defined Banners or Upload Your Own Sale Banners to Boost Your Sales.

Holiday Banners EtsyMarketingTool allows you to add eye-catching sale banners to your products to boost your sales when it counts.

Add a sale banner with a discounted price on your product or choose a holiday sale banner for all your products to boost your Etsy shop sales when consumers are on the look for something beautiful for the holidays. Simply add one of our pre-designed banners and enjoy an increase in sales of up to 36%.

  • Add sale banners
  • Ongoing or Daily Deals
  • Christmas
  • Columbus Day
  • Summer Sale
  • Thanksgiving
  • Labor Day
  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday
  • Upload Your Own Banner
  • More...

Automatic Photos Backup - Peace of Mind

Backup/Restore your FULL SIZE photos for all your active listings.

  • Daily automatic backups for ALL photos of active listings
  • Download photos back to your computer at any time
  • Protection from computer hard drive failure
  • Protection from accidental deletion, viruses and malware
  • Get the peace of mind you deserve

Add or Remove Listing Tags in Bulk

Improve your SEO! Add or remove a tag from many listings without the need to manually edit each listing. You can also use this tool in conjunction with a sale event. For example, by adding the 'Christmas Sale' tag or any other tag you have in mind.

Increase your flexibility and adoptability to market needs, holidays, sale events and more...save time and effort with this newly introduced feature.

  • Let our system do the hard work for you
  • Choose to add or remove a tag
  • Choose specific shop sections or the entire shop
  • Type the tag and start operation
  • Receive detailed execution report

Create Catalogues & Promote Your Shop Beyond Etsy

Market online & offline! Create your Etsy shop catalog in PDF format, with just few clicks. You can use it to market your items online and offline.

Clear and vivid images. Item titles clickable back to your Etsy listings - directly from the PDF.

  • Your PDF shop catalog can be
  • Downloaded
  • Professionally printed
  • Digitally shared on social networks
  • Emailed to potential customers
  • Sent to offline shop owners
  • Placed on your website
  • Used for branding
  • Used to increase interest
upload your own etsy banner

Boost Your Sales! Upload Your Own Banners

Design and Upload Your Own Banners.

Build your own gallery of banners and add the banner of your choice to any of your items or shop sections.

Easily set the dates for the banner to be added and removed, so your promotions run hassle-free.

  • Let our system do the hard work for you
  • Upload banners of any height
  • Use jpg or transparent PNG
  • Use your favorite colors and designs
  • Let your items pop
  • Create corner badges, use graphics and be creative
  • The possibilities are endless!
bulk items reprice for etsy shop

Be Flexible. Re-price Your Items in a Snap!

  • Want to change your prices all across the board, or just for few shop sections? You got it! No need to manually edit each listing anymore.
  • Raise or lower prices
  • Choose specific shop sections or the entire shop
  • Raise/lower by dollar or percentage
  • Apply to items within price range
  • Detailed execution report

Boost Your Exposure with You-Nik.com

Your items will automatically appear on www.you-nik.com for better exposure.

People not familiar with Etsy may find your items on our referral site. Let our system drive more visitors to your items, with zero involvement on your side!

Unlike other affiliate sites, we will NEVER take any commission when visitors click-through to your shop.


Save Time. Relax. 24/7 Secured Monitoring

Asleep or awake, we strive for a 24/7 uptime to ensure all renewal rules are honoured, all social-media auto-postings are done on time and all photo backups run daily. Powered by Etsy API, sellers are only granting a permission to renew on their behalf and do NOT need to provide their Etsy credentials.

Powered by Etsy Api

EtsyMarketingTool is your Etsy Marketing Automation Service. Here you can schedule sale events, automatically renew your items, set your inventory levels and more.


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"EtsyMarketingTool is definitely the easiest and most versatile tool out there. I've been looking for something this good since 2010! Makes my life SO much easier."

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"You have by far, THE BEST auto renew program out there. Thank You, Robyn."

- GeorgieDesigns
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"Here, you can set up multiple schedules and it seems efficient and effective. I have survived the season hassle free, which was worth every cent and more!"

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