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Video Marketing for Etsy Sellers

Videos Can 10x Your Reach!

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Create and Post Your Etsy Products in Video Format - on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTue and more.

In today's world, videos have a huge role in affecting people's opinions and purchasing decisions. To learn more about this trend, you may want to read Why online video is the future of content marketing.

The impact of the written word is on a decline while the attractiveness and effectiveness of videos is constantly on the rise.

So, as an added value to our members, we worked hard to create this new tool where you can turn your product photos into videos, accompanied by a variety of soundtracks you can choose from. With time, we will expand the collection of the soundtracks we offer to allow you more choices and enrich the viewer's experience with embedded text and/or graphics.

The process of creating a video is very simple, and requires only few clicks. The rendering of the video takes few seconds to complete. Then, you can post it on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter with just a click of few buttons, or download it and post on YouTube or anywhere else!

Already a member? Go to your video marketing page and start generating and posting your own unique videos!

We wish you much success.